The CAMIPRO system

The CAMIPRO system is built around a central database. It allows us to manage several services linked to access control or micro-payment with only one electronic chip, such as :

– Card printing
– Infoterminals
– Access control
– Photocopy payment
– Network printing management
– Payments in restaurant, cafeterias, kiosk, shop and other campus businesses
– Reports and statistics

Technology and functioning

It is a badge (card) with a microchip (Standard Legic Advant) RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The antenna that reads the badge is located at the right part of the contactless badge reader. This multifunction system is being implemented by the company polyright.

The design

In order to modernise its image, and also for technical reasons linked to the card production, the back of the Camipro cards has been totally modified in 2014, and can be now found in 4 variations. These designs have been created by the graphist of the reprography, Anne-Sylvie Borter. They represent different research poles of the School.

CAMIPRO card design statistics

The original design of the Camipro card, created in 2005, was based on various statistics representing students of the EPFL (faculty distribution, distribution according to the origin of students, etc.). It was designed by the Atelier Poisson in Lausanne; the design was selected by a jury following a contest of ideas.