Restaurants / shops

Most of point of sales on the campus use the CAMIPRO system. When you pay with your CAMIPRO card, you get some discounts depending on your status.

This is the case for the menus in the cafeterias (8.- for students, 9.- for PhD students, 10.- for employees, for the base menu).

Be careful because the discounts are granted only when you pay with your card !

Menu prices for each restaurants are available on the restauration page.

Where can I pay with my CAMIPRO card?

Equipped restaurants and cafeterias :

Cafeteria MX, Esplanade (CO), Atlantide, Parmentier, Vinci (CM), Giacometti, Corbusier (SG), Cafeteria BC, Cafeteria INM, Arcadie (CE), Cafeteria ELA, Ornithorynque (SV), Satellite (CM), Copernic (CE), Klee, La Table de Vallotton (RLC), Puur Innovation (QI), Epicure (BI), Sushi Zen (MED).

The full list of restaurants and cafeterias with daily meals is available on the restauration page.

You can also pay with your CAMIPRO card at UNIL (activation is needed). More information on this page.

Equipped shops :

Négoce, La Fontaine library, AGEPoly, Reprographie, EPFL Shop at Esplanade, Services aux Etudiants desk, parking desk, Migros (EPFL).

Other equipped points of sale:

Selecta vending machines, orange juice vending machines, panini vending machines located in various buildings of the campus.

You can also use your CAMIPRO card to pay your photocopies, on the myPrint-managed copiers. Use the myPrint website to locate them.

To pay, just put your card on the CAMIPRO reader, as shown on the picture above, and your account will be automatically debited. In most cases, you won’t even have to get your card out of your wallet, putting your wallet on the reader should be enough.